Sponsoring Information

Would you like to contribute to the success of VaMoS 2020 by means of financial or ideal suport, or with donations of any kind? We appreciate any of your contributions. Every donation is tax deductible without restriction. As a thank you, we guarantee you a professional presentation of your company as part of the sponsoring packages. The packages are only suggestions and you can contact us for any questions or alternative spnsoring ideas.


Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg / FIN-ITI
Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake
Universitätsplatz 2
39106 Magdeburg
Phone: +49 391 67 58665
E-Mail: vamos2020@ovgu.de

Sponsoring Packages

Gold (2000 EUR):

Silver (1200 EUR):

Bronze (600 EUR):